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July 21, 2012


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CONTESTANTS ASSEMBLE!!! (contest date change ))

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 21, 2012, 11:38 AM
Update: New journal

Almost home! :la: We are now reaching the final week of the contest, it ends on September 9th ^^ hopefully everything will go as planned :heart: okay, I want you guys to give me a break tomorrow, not cause I got a buncha stuff to do but because I've declared it a....SPAM DAYYYYY!!! WHOOHOOOO!!!! I find chibis easier to draw a color than the stick poles I call OC'S XD especially the ones without hands ^^ oh! I didn't answer back to those messages cause I wanted teh know what I had to do, so I'm not ignoring anyone!!! :heart::iconhurrplz: yep! And uhhhh that's it! Have fun tomorrow y'all...:iconicameplz:

Sooooo we're finally in Illinois!! :la: I'm half nauseous and about teh faint...always nice XD were gonna spend the day at Navy Pier ^^ I've been there before but I think I was like nine XD I have to remember I gotta see this as the place I'm gonna live at in a few months and not as a tourist D: the time difference is gonna be weird...:iconwthplz: XD 

Oh! As for the chibis, I did a few this morning :heart: I'll have them done soon,I think for the red of my stuff I gotta color it and I'm not big fan of that D: SPEAKING OF WHICH XD I've been invited to help out in a computer gaming and design group...I'm hesitant but I'm gonna ask what it entails...mebbe I'll get better :iconrlytearplz:

Sooooo! Asta la pasta mah friends!! :iconfrenchsquealplz:

Hi guys, ^^ I would actually like apologize for the sudden....UPCHUCK. Of art....and stuff ;p I'm leaving for Illinois tonight or tomorrow, depending,NAND by the time I get back I gotta get ready for school so there won't be time for anything really :/ I think...I may submit something tonight but that'll be it for a longgggg time * hah! They dun want CHU spamming them!! C:<*

....:iconforeveraloneplz: XD ahaha! Catch everyone later!

Contest date: September 8th :la:

New videoooo!!! XD I drew an Oc and a fan char, ^^ :heart: I'll do another tomorrow, if anyone wants me to draw a head shot of their Oc for tomorrow give me a shout!! :la:…

Dang...I feel like I'm teh only one not in school..l.:C

Okay! I started going through the list of things I owed and....its...long...OH THAAT'S WHUT SHEEEE SAIDDDD!!! :iconlawooplz: xD Anyway, I want people to go through the list and see if I got anything wrong or if I missed anyone :la:
Color two pics for :iconxmaggy9:

Color Request for :iconchaviso2:

Request for :iconshadowshyna: (Need to be ReDrawn)

Kiriban for....*secret* (Need to color)

Color AT pic for :iconx-freeflowierolly-x:

Color request  for :iconxiao668:

Art Trade with :iconevilmeep: (Lucy andEli )……
2 Requests for :iconemoturtlefrk: (Chibi her jumping on Thor and Amy Lee)

Comic for :iconboooooki:

Request for :iconjavilinyamato: (Roxanne)

Collab comic with :iconchaviso2:

Pm for :iconmindlessmutt:

Chibi food for :iconevilmeep: (Elenor anchovies)

Ugh!!!! I AM BUMMED OUT!!! :shakefish: I just got done watchin Ouran High School Host club... My gosh..AH-MAZINGGG! IM LIKE IN LOVEEEEE WITH TAMAKIIIII!! :iconfrenchsquealplz: UGH!!! I LOVE IT!! that's where you've been?...urk...YURSH...^^; ehehe! It was good! I loved the twins and their sidebar stuffff :heart: it was all around fantastic!! :la: eehhh except for the minor flashbacks but whut anime is without em ^^ :heart: wittle Tamaki..:iconilavplz::iconicameplz: EEEEKKK!! EXPECT FANART. :iconwthplz:

I'll be back late today mkay? I miss all y'all! :heart:
I'll get back teh businazzzzz! :iconmhmmplz:
Heyyyy everyoneee! :la: OMG it's been a FANTASTIC birthday XD I wanna thank everyone for teh awesome messages! Ima go through them lateh and write y'all back :heart::giggle:

Got some pretty awesome stuff too! :dummy: let's see... Ouran high school bag and complete series DVD set, with poster :heart: boxed set of Hetalia with a bandana. A Loki costume (With helemttttt!!!) and Loki dolls :D a phantom of teh opera globe a crystal music box and an iPad :giggle:

It's not over so I'm not back jussssst yet! :heart: y'all may get messages but later D: I wanna talk thoughhhhh!!! :iconcryforeverplz: :shakefish: give meh a couple hours!! :heart:

I lurveee all yew guys!! Thank yew guys for makin this day so special!! :la: 

Just got the first entry to my contest! :iconshaplz: It's still going guys, until August 30th ^^ :heart:

Edit- Entries at the bottom

I've got absolutely nothing to do! *not drawing wise XD heaven knows I gotta lot to do XD* So anyway, I was thinkin about making a video sometime soon, where I'm answering questions and maybe drawin a picture or two :heart: I'm thinkingggggg about it! Im not sure :/ if you guys want to ask me any questions or see me draw I'll do it! :la::la: That is it mi amigos and amigas!!! :iconholaplz:

For those of youuuu who wanna understand the Batman Jigglypufffff joke XD :iconicameplz: here yah go!
"Your lack of torso disrupts me" :iconwthplz: weirdest thing I've ever heard D: interesting day so far...very XD spent half of it tryin teh make a monster outta binder clips...gave it up!! :iconcryforeverplz:
I'm thoroughly enjoyin all these journals today!! Brings me great joy...:iconwthplz: GREAT JOY. XD naww it really actually does! Have fun y'all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVIANTART!!! :iconilavplz::iconballoonsplz:
AGANGERS ASSEMBLE!! :iconlokidlaplz:

And thus begins the 2012 Summer Contest! :la:

With box office hits like Spiderman, Batman, and the Avengers, the action is endless!

But with the opposing forces or course: Villansss! :iconwoooplz: 

So the upcomin theme is: Good vs Evil: Agang Style

You have to draw one of the Agang members (my OC'S) as a superhero or super villain  *a list shall be provided if yah need one :heart:

It can be a superhero or villain from anything! Video games, tv shows, movies! 
 And it can be any Agang member (if a list is needed note me and I'll send details)


Now here are the rules mi amigos!! :iconholaplz:

:heart: it's gotta be your own work *:D
:heart: It's gotta be colored *preettty colorssss*
:heart: just let your creativity flow!
:heart: it has to be an agang member (if you want to add any other characters that's fine ^^)
:heart: Nothing obscene or DIRTY *im serious as sauce XD unless the costume is that way...theeeennn I'll let you slide ^^

That's it! I want people to have the chance to enjoy themselves with this, nothing to restricting :la:

So now the important part right? xD PRIZES!!!

So first place: Twelve month subscriptions :dummy: ( or the points) 
A detailed picture by me
A picture (with 1-3 people) by :iconcapt4in-ins4nity:
Second place: Three month subscription and a sketch by me

Third place: One month sub and a drawing by :iconxmaggy9:

All other contestants will recieve 50 points for participating :dummy::heart:

If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask :heart:

Additional info: Ends August 30th :la: If any more time is required just tell me. :iconshaplz:

Small tidbit: Kiriban won't come until WAYYYV later but if anyone can catch 100,000 they have the chance of winning a twelve month sub :heart: GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!


:iconraenyboots: Bleuberry109's Comp by RaenyBoots
:iconbigtimetransfan27: Galatea by bigtimetransfan27
:iconlovepiko: Milano As Magik (For BleuBerry109 Contest) by LovepikoGalatea As Crystal (For BleuBerry109 Contest) by Lovepiko
Kiriban Rules-

:la: You have to be a long time watcher
:la: If you've caught it before you get this last chance to do it again
:la: Uhm...more will be added on later

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KMTwiddley-Wings Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012
Whats is this contest about?
bleuberry109 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Student Digital Artist
The theme is: Good vs Evil: Agang Style

You have to cosplay one of the Agang members as a superhero or super villain 

It can be a superhero or villain from anything! Video games, tv shows, movies! 
 And it can be any Agang member
Capt4in-Ins4nity Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i dont go to school either.
bleuberry109 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I dooo still go to school ^^ everyone went back early on DA D:
Cept you, you lucky ducky :giggle:
Capt4in-Ins4nity Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah already has my hs degree. no cash for the big leagues tho..
bleuberry109 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ahh! ^^ what did you wanna pursue? :heart:
Capt4in-Ins4nity Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
comics and illustrations
bleuberry109 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
PFFT! Shoulda guessed! ^^ your so good at it :heart:
Capt4in-Ins4nity Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
naw im still very much an amatuer
swagmaster45 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
soryxx cant do it next time
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